• Fighting Self Motivation and Overcoming Fitness Fears

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    Recently I have been struggling with self motivation with weight loss and overcoming my fitness fears. This had me thinking on how to become the best me that I could be. You might be thinking “How can a fitness trainer who loves everything fitness be struggling with everything he knows?” Time to go back to the basics of loving thyself to fullest.

    Fighting food addictions is one of the hardest struggles in America today. We are able to choose the foods we want to eat, and we seriously take advantage of that. At any given time we can feed our addiciton with a 24 hour McDonalds or a drive-thru Starbucks on every corner in every bigger city. Fast food, soda, donuts, 5 dollar footlongs and even those samples from Costco help fuel our poor eating habits. We are always asked if we want the large verus never even assuming that resturants have a smaller portion.

    Any given day I am working 7-10 hours, rarely get a day off , and even work on the weekends. If you’re like me then the LAST thing you want to do is go home and cook something and then have to clean it up (If you have kids, forget it)! Each meal should contain protein, vegatables, fruit and grains like rice, but who has the time. We got to motivate each other to eat better. Being tired feels a lot better than feeling sick over your body image, unhealthy fat, and the stress of media “suggesting” on how we should look. Here are the steps I take to fight my weightloss fears.

    1. Fight back. Facing your fears will help you over come them. You have all the power in your hands. Fight the media, Fight the negative feedback, and fight for your body. The best feeling in the world is doing something that someone said you could never do. Write down everything you eat. If you gain weight, then you will know why! 

    2. Just because you might need to lose some weight or want to become healthly doesn’t mean that your body is in bad shape. Your body is your temple and you’re working on the design. Just like your house, we have to clean, maitain, and might have to do some reovations. Don’t give up, and if you fall off get up and start over. Making excuses are stopping you from achieving the best.

    3. Probably the most important step to becoming your best self, is too forget about your neighbor, peers, and the media. Your body will never be the same as the person sitting next to you. This something that I struggle with on a daily basis. Seeing someone in the gym or on TV and saying “If only I had his abs” isn’t going to get you “his abs.” If you want something bad enough the motivation will come and the results will follow.

    Diets and workouts are only a small percentage to achieving your goals, motivation is the main factor. Surrounding yourself with a great team who understands your struggles and talking about your progress will definitely keep you going.

    Goal for this week. Lets all start a food journal.

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