• New Music: Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Calvin Harris and Rita Ora

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    Down here is Florida, we don’t get to experience the lovely weather of spring, and seem to transition from winter to summer extremely fast. So in honor of summer, I want to share with you my current obsessions in music for you to add to your summer play list! Madonna’s MDNA is a worldwide hit, Nicki Minaj’s re-releases “Pink Friday” and J-Lo is back with Pitbull and we cannot forget about the heavy bass creator Calvin Harris.

    1. Madonna never seems to disappoint when she releases new music. Don’t compare her to the old Madonna because she is definitely keeping up with the trends. After 20 plus years in the music industry, she must be doing something right, right? The song I love the most off of MDNA is “I don’t give a..” featuring Nicki Minaj. She sings about her personal life like her marriage, divorce, children, and really not caring about the media’s opinion on her as an icon. Her album has reached number one in over 40 countries, and she is not caring about what people think. Take a listen here!

    2. Nicki Minaj or should I say Roman, her alter ego, release “Roman Reloaded” the follow up to her major successful album   “Pink Friday.” This album shows how diverse Nicki can be, but also still keeps her grounded within hip-hop. Songs like “whip it,” “Marilyn Monroe,” and “Beautiful Sinner” show off her pop music side, and songs like “Bees in the trap” definitely give off the hip-hop vibe. Be prepared to hear her songs, all over the place, including class! If you love to dance then this album is for you! Take a listen to the whole album  here off of iTunes!

    3. Calvin Harris is crossing over to the USA, with his amazing producing and DJ skills. You might have not heard of him, but you have definitely heard his music. “We Found Love” by Rihanna features Harris and was topping the charts for over two months. His newest song, “Feels So Close” is creating buzz in the music industry and now making his way into class. The bass is hard, the lyrics are fun, the beat makes you want to dance. Here is the remix that I love to listen too.

    4. Rita Ora is RocNation’s newest artist that is creating buzz. Took me a minute to separate and not compare her to my fav Rihanna, but after hearing her lead single “R.I.P” I instantly fell in love. Her style is something we seen before but I love the mixture of bad girl from the UK meets pretty RnB/Punk Princess. She is pretty but not just the voice, she also writes most of her music, and creates her own looks. Love everything about her. Her newst song isn’t even on iTunes yet, but when it comes out I will be one the first to download. Until her songs come out, you can check her out on YouTube, here.

    That’s some of the music that I am obsessed with at the current moment. Check ch ch ch it out!




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