• Ten Songs You Need on Your Playlist Right Now

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    Music lovers get into this. Ten Songs you should have on your play list right now. From warm up to a cool down. Latin, hip-hop and even soundtracks! Music makes your workout 1000 times better. Here we go, no order, just music:

    1. Rihanna, my love, just released her new video for her latest single “Where have you been?” I’ve been obsessed with this song for ever and you should be too. She has joined forces again with Calvin Harris and produced another dance hit. The song is great for the gym with the faster and slower parts of the song. The lyrics are catchy too. Let’s see if Rihanna can gain her 12th number one hit. Here is the video!

    2. Daughtry, Outta My Head. This song is the perfect running song. It gives me the energy to go hard or go home. I love the lyrics and story line and how he took a typical love song and gave it a rock edge. Download it and you won’t be sorry. Burn the fat, build the muscle and work hard. Listen here!

    3. Wiz Khalifa, Work Hard Play Hard, is great song with a great beat. Perfect song to touch metal in spin class. Khalifa in my opinion has changed the hip hop game, by adding a fun carefree attitude to all his songs. Take a listen to the   clean version here. The lyrics make me feel powerful in the sense that if you work hard, good things will come! Listen!

    4. Jazmine Sullivan, Love You Long time, is the catchiest song of all songs. Her music is true RnB with a jamaican twist. Love this song for many reasons, but the beat just does something to my spirit. The strong snaps, and drums make the song danceable and fun. Be prepared to hear this song in class soon. LOVE this song!

    5. Calling all Latinos! I love Dutty Love, by Don Omar!  I have no idea what they are saying, but I love the Latin flare! The song gets me in the best mood and ready for a great ab workout! Zumba is a great source for new music, and this is where this song came from! If you like Latino music, then you’ll LOVE this song. Promise! Escuchar!

    6. Big Hoops (Bigger the Better) by Nelly Furtado. She’s Back! It’s been awhile since we have heard from Ms. Furtado, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint. This song is another great cardio jam. The beat gives you energy, and the lyrics are fun! Whether is climbs the top 100 Billboard Charts or not! I’ll be listening to this song for a long time! ” The Bigger the Better.”  Listen Here!

    7. Castles, B.o.B (featuring Trey Songz). This song is on the list for spin class. Endurance runs, jumps, tightening our core and not stopping. B.o.B is not your typical rapper, and this song changes the hip hop game. Want to do more core exercises? Turn this song on and do some rope climbs! Have fun with it! Here you go!

    8. Touch Me, Katherine McPhee. Anybody else obsessed with NBC’s newest hit “SMASH?” You probably recognize Katherine McPhee from her days on American Idol, but she is back in the spotlight with her deserving role on the new hit show! This song is from the show’s soundtrack and gives us a chance to dance! Run it out and push towards the finish line! Check it out! Listen to THIS!

    9. One Direction is the newest obsessions with teenage girls, and me. Their newest song, Stand Up, is the typical fun love song, and also the perfect song for sprints on the bike, and maybe some triceps dips! Not much more I can say about this song, but you decide is it a keeper or should we throw it away? Here!

    10. Carrie Underwood released her 4th album last week and doesn’t disappoint! The title track “Blown Away” is a great long distance ride on the bike. “One Gear, One Speed” kinda song! The country singer gives us a little more pop with this song and lyrics are relatable to everyone! I’m not the biggest country song, but I love this song! Blown Away!


    There you go! Download!

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