• Your Daily Workout: Beach Bootcamp

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    For the past couple months I have been experimenting with nature and exercise. Working on exercises minus the weights and gym atmosphere that can become overwhelming at times. With the beautiful beaches of southwest Florida being only 15-20 minutes away why not bring the boot camp to the beach.

    Every week we go through a circuit of exercises that help shape and tone your body. Legs, arms, your core, and cardio of course. Here are 3 circuits that we did today!

    1. Warm-Up Circuit – We want to warm up our legs, because chances are that they are going to be used more than any other muscle group. Start with three sets of 20 squats. You can change up too, go deeper down in the squat or really hit those inner thighs with pulsing squats. After your squats we want to get your heart rate up by incorporating a little bit of cardio. Jumping jacks, Suicide runs, low jacks and high knee lifts are all great options. Then we want to warm up our arms with those lovely push-ups. Three sets of ten. Here is the circuit again so you can try it at home.


    • 20 full squats (Weights optional)
    • 20 Jumping Jacks or other cardio option.
    • 10 push ups

    Repeat three times

    2. Lets move to our next circuit involving our upper body and abs. This is where we incorporate more push-ups, planks, and tricep dips. You might be thinking how can someone do all this with no machines? Most beaches have docks and boardwalks that help with your training. Here is circuit number 2, let’s hit the sand.

    • 12-15 push-ups
    • One 30-45 Second plank
    • 15 tricep dips (hands need to be placed on a higher elevated surface than your feet)
    • 10 Team work push-ups (go down, come up and clap your partners hand) ** see picture
    • 45-60 second plank
    • 20 tricep dips
    • 5 incline (hands higher than feet)/5 decline push-ups (feet higher than hands). You will need your trust boardwalk.
    • 60-90 second plank
    • 25+ tricep dips

    3. LEGS, ABS, CARDIO. I like to free style when it comes to legs. More squats, lunges, running, jump squats, 10-15 minutes of this and then we are done.

    • 20 squats
    • 20 forward lunges (10 on each leg)
    • 20 suicide runs (running back forth shortening and widening the distance)
    • 5 minutes of straight freestyle core.

    Beach boot camp is tons of fun, the sun is just rising, and the waves are crashing. Breathing is easy and the wildlife even makes several appearances. Love it. Shout out to Lisa and Elisa for being beautiful models!

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